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Dear visitors and friends,

While preparing this booklet for you, we have been faced with a curious dilemma. Kvarner is a culturally privileged area because it has always been a meeting point for various cultures: Roman, Hellenic, Slavic, German, Hungarian… Here the different groups would come in contact, intermingle, mutually influence and enhance each other, often creating new values. Kvarner’s eventful history has also been very intriguing – in the course of time, many peoples and rulers have left their indelible traces here, traces that stretch from prehistoric times, through the Middle Ages, right up to the present day.

        This is a heritage characterised by surprising variety and cultural peaks. It encourages us to rethink the answers that we long thought had already been answered. It charmingly seduces us with the emotions that are woven into it, inviting us to discover the qualities that are specific to Kvarner, but also some universal values.
Kvarner's cultural heritage is very varied and encompasses a whole spectrum of diverse items and features. How then can we summarise it in a small booklet like this? While trying to choose the best of it for you, we knew that this task would not be easy, maybe even impossible to fulfil. The more topics we decided to put into this booklet, the more unfair it seemed to leave other topics out. We solved this curious dilemma by deciding that this booklet should serve only as a first step, an introduction to Kvarner’s cultural heritage and a springboard to further research. The second step would be a visit to our website Irena Peršić Živadinov

Director of
The Kvarner County Tourism Office
  Zlatko Komadina

President of
The Kvarner County Tourism Office



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