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Quite logical: the Croatian Museum of Tourism is located in the cradle of tourism, Opatija! This interesting and, by  all means, «qualified» place to get you acquainted with the origin, development, possibilities and perspectives of tourism, in the historic villa Angiolina in Opatija (built in 1844) is in the right location and in a truly extraordinary environment. The museum holdings have been sorted in collections of  tourist material such as guide-books, brochures, postcards and photographs, hotel inventory, beach equipment, tourists' personal belongings, documents, manuscripts, audio and video material etc.
A permanent exhibition is set on the first floor of villa Angiolina – Opatija – Golden Beginnings of Croatian Tourism ,
The Croatian Walk of Fame is a kind of open air museum, with stars dedicated to 24 celebrities from the field of culture, science, sports, entertainment… Galleries and sacral objects, wonderful parks and promenades will be of interest, too….

Look for the brochure "Kvarner's cultural history"


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