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your whole body is in harmony with healthy and agreeable mountain climate, amazed by horizons spread from the rocky peaks, sounds of silence and rippling mountain rivers, within an hour drive from numerous bays and marines along the Kvarner coastline and islands - all that is a hallmark of Gorski Kotar location.

Gorski Kotar region brings you a wealth of experience all year round. After enjoying summer seaside resorts and sailing along Kvarner islands, spending evenings at mountain parties in Gorski Kotar, or after winter day spent in snow, lying back and enjoying the warmth of sea-water swimming pools in famous resorts of Kvarner Riviera is an experience you wish to repeat.

 No matter how many times have you visited Gorski Kotar, it will always be an encounter of undeniable attraction of preserved forest areas, hidden valleys, clear rivers and lakes of National Park Risnjak, strict nature reserves, beauty spots and cultural heritage, rural and traditional values and, above all, it provides you with sincere and warm hospitality of Gorski Kotar people.

Not only does this clearly mythical landscape experience make you feel cheerful but also arouse sense of tranquillity and selfpossession.

Such an experience is beyond pictures and words. However, our wish to conjure it up resulted in this publication by which we want to arouse your curiosity, bring to light places for relaxation and recreation, creative inspiration and memorable adventures all in one. Simply speaking, we recommend you Gorski Kotar as a destination where you will feel great.

Hoping that our intention prove to be successful and wishing you a pleasant stay in Gorski Kotar, we remain


Mr. sc. Gordana Medved

Director of
The Kvarner County Tourism Office
  Zlatko Komadina

President of
The Kvarner County Tourism Office

51410 Opatija, Nikole Tesle 2, tel: +385/51/272-988, fax: +385/51/272-909,