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Winter in Gorski Kotar tells a special story. It is a long story of a freshly fallen shroud of snow covering the woods, filled with children’s playfulness and the warmth of home hearts. It is a story of a long tradition of skiing and ski competition. The inhabitants of Gorski Kotar know how to deal with snow enchantment. Snow sports started as early as in 1912 when the first skiers arrived in Mrkopalj region, and only a year later the first ski course was organised. In 1914 the first ski championship was held. There are several hotels, numerous apartments and cottages that offer shorter or longer stay for the whole families and organised groups. The vicinity of coastline destinations, hot seawater swimming pools and other openings are ideal combination for recreational holiday.


TRŠĆE, Ski centar
»Rudnik« , two alpine ski slopes (800 m and 1300 m long), crosscountry skiing (100 m, 3000 m, 5000 m), ski lift, ski runs...
INFO 821 042, 824 258

Ski lift - 400 m long ascends to Klobučar Peak (1215 m), ski instructors, Nordic and Alpine ski slopes
- the Jastreb hotel: ski rental, ski courses and snow animation for all ages, both for children and their parents

DELNICE, Polane plateau
, Alpine and Nordic ski slopes (1 km), ski lift ...
INFO 812 156

RAVNA GORA, Nordic ski slopes,
INFO 818 351

BROD MORAVICE, Cross-country skiing,
INFO 817 180

FUŽINE, Recreational skiing and sledging,
INFO 835 187

Croatian Olympic Centre BJELOLASICA,
Below the highest peak of Gorski Kotar (1534 m). At the southeast foot of mountain Bjelolasica there is the greatest winter sport centre in Croatia. Highaltitude difference 800 m and 6000 m long ski runs with the system of ski lifts connecting all ski slopes meet the most demanding requirements for recreation.
INFO 833 225, 47/ 562 118

Peace Memorial, Mrkopalj, February
traditional competition in cross-country skiing, marathon, biathlon
INFO 833 225

Masked ski jumps,
Delnice, February
INFO 812 156

Cross-country ski competition,
Brod Moravice
INFO 817 010

Croatian Junior Cross,
Ravna Gora
INFO 818 351

Alpine Ski Competition,
INFO 821 042


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