kalendar Carnival in Kvarner commences:
- a minute after midnight on the feast of Epiphany, in Mune and Žejane
- on the feast of St Anthony, the Hermit, 17th January in almost all parts of Kvarner
Carnival parties:
- from the first Saturday after Epiphany to Shrove Tuesday
Carnival ends:
- on Ash Wednesday

Dates of International Carnival Parades in Rijeka:
on sundays

26th February 2006. 06th February 2011. 07th February 2016. 23rd February 2020.
18th February 2007. 19th February 2012. 26th February 2017. 14th February 2021.
03rd February 2008. 10th February 2013. 11st February 2018. 27th February 2022.
22nd February 2009. 02nd March 2014. 03rd March 2019. 19th February 2023.
14th February 2010. 15th February 2015.