• Kvarner is a prestigious Croatian carnival region
  • Carnival occurs according to movable Christian feast of Easter and the beginning of Lent
  • The period of Kvarner carnival commences on the feast of St. Anthony, the Hermet (17th January) and at the foot of Ćićarija, it commences a minute after the feast of Epiphany, and lasts until Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent
  • Carnival festivities commence on the first Saturday after Epiphany, and towards the end, they take place almost every day, especially on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and then on Shrovetide
  • Almost every place in Kvarner holds carnival festivities, and some towns have several carnival festivities at the same time
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  • Kvarner holds carnival parties in tents, marble and crystal halls, sports halls, as well as outdoor festivities in the streets, vehicles, at sea and in the snow…
  • Vicinity of some entertainment venues enables curious onlookers to visit several venues during the same evening
  • During the same day in Kvarner, you can participate in children’s carnival festivities and tea parties, in the evening, join some of the masked balls, and finally end up in one of the night clubs
  • There are other possibilities, for example: in the morning carnival games in the snow, or regattas in the waters of Opatija, in the afternoon, one of the carnival parades, and in the evening…
  • There are over a hundred kilometres of bell ringers’ routes where you can follow bell ringers’ parades and enjoy this unique atmosphere
  • Novi Vinodolski”Mesopust” has a special day when widowers and widows are ready to leave the Town for the isolated and deserted islet of Žeča and nobody is on their way to do so
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  • In Novi Vinodolski region, on an important crossroads in Bribir, a stone monument of Mesopust has been erected
  • Rijeka carnival can be surfed on the Internet
  • Rijeka carnival has its own slogan in the local dialect “Krpeat ma ne molat”, i.e. “ kick the bucket rather than give up”, but the true meaning can be found out when you become an active participant in the carnival festivities