How to travel along the
Master piece by Filip
On the road admired by the
whole of Europe
Settlements along the
Stay a few days longer,
enjoy in the nature so rich
in wild romantics
Move slowly along
Lousiana like the first
travellers did
Louisiana Map -
Four Districts
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The ingenious builder of the Louisiana, Filip Josip VukasoviŠ, was born in a patrician family in Sv. Petar (Bruvno) in Lika in 1755. Like his ancestors, he devoted himself to a military career. His excellent knowledge of mathematics, geometry and cartography helped him greatly in the construction of the Louisiana when, on the building site, he was often forced to mark its route and to design and execute the works at the same time.

Besides winning recognition in several construction ventures, VukasoviŠ also distinguished himself on the battlefield, for his courage and inventiveness. Napoleon himself held him in high esteem as adversary. After VukasoviŠ had been wounded in the battle at Wagram, he engaged his best military physicians in an attempt to save his life. Despite these efforts Filip VukasoviŠ died as a consequence of the wounds, on 8th August 1809, leaving the road construction masterpiece of the time behind.

The Zagreb bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac (1752 - 1827) dealt with many secular activities, too. Among these he participated also in the construction of the Louisiana road. With his material and especially moral support he assisted whole-heartedly in its construction.

With his book Along the Louisiana road the famous Croatian linguist, writer and historian, Rudolf Strohal, born in Lokve (1856 - 1936) paid the best tribute to Louisiana. The book describes the history of the road construction, the area it crosses, the towns and the localities it connects. In the introductory note the author wrote:
I wrote this book to pay tribute, in my old days, to the sweet memory of the happiest period of my life, the period that I spent along the Louisiana road. It was along Louisiana that I saw the sun for the first time, I spent my young days along this road, I crossed the Louisiana an innumerable number of times, I knew not only every house, but every stone and tree along it.

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