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On Louisiana You will recognize the entrance into the Karlovac District where the Louisiana starts to wind through the gentle hilly landscape of the wide Kupa valley.
General Vukasović built the Louisiana as far as Netretić in 1809 and then, for the third time since the beginning of the road construction works, the war took him to the battlefield again. This time, however, with a tragic outcome since, after being wounded in the battle at Wagram, he died in Vienna. The remaining 15 km of the road to Karlovac were completed by the French general Charpentier in 1811.

In the course of modernization in the 1950-ties a new section of the road was built through Duga Resa and therefore, if you wish to follow the Louisiana's original route, turn left just before Vukova Gorica, towards Prilišće.

On the old Louisiana, from Prilišće, through Netretić to Stative, you will find the greatest number of curbstones, locally called margilje, along the Louisiana, a lot of underpinning masonry and drains that have been withstanding the burden of traffic and the ravages of time for almost 200 years. The recently renovated mile-stone in Prilišće indicates that you are on the 18th mile from Fiume (Rijeka) and that you have 3 more miles to Carlstadt, or Karlovac, as it is called today. In many places the road is wide enough, so stop, study the skills of the old sculptors, enjoy the marvelous views of the wavy Kupa valley and the authentic wood architecture of its villages.

In the old times there was another toll-house, the one erected in Netretić, allegedly the most beautiful and biggest building constructed by the Louisiana Society. Thus Netretić became the last station on Louisiana to Karlovac, with a beautiful lodging for travelers and coachmen.

In Stative you cross the river Dobra. At the time when Louisiana was opened to traffic it was crossed by a wooden bridge. However the bridge got worn out already in the 1880-ties, so that in 1885 it was substituted with the «new» one, ornated by beautiful stone arches. The lane of centennial plane-trees extending along the Louisiana from Borlin to Dubovac is a sign that you are approaching Karlovac. At the roundabout in Dubovac, where Carolina and Louisiana get together again, stands an obelisk – and this is the end, or the beginning, of your voyage along Louisiana.

Modruš Potok
If you have a curious spirit, take the road leading from Netretić for Metlika to Modruš Potok. Here stands a residence built at the beginning of the 16th century, once property of Vukasović, where he stayed during the construction of the road section Severin-Netretić. Today an old people's home is located in the building, and both building and the manor may be visited.

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Novigrad na Dobri
This picturesque place is situated on the old Carolina route that crosses the Dobra by means of one of the oldest and most beautiful stone arches, built by the end of the 1720-ties. On a steep cliff overlooking the Dobra stands a renovated Frankopan fortress with a marvelous view extending onto the Novigrad area.

The old town Dubovac
This fortified town, established by the middle of the 13th century, used to be a famous trade centre.
The old town Dubovac changed owners and purposes and today it is a tourist attraction, with a small museum exhibition and a belvedere. To celebrate its rich trade history, when it was widely famous for its Sunday and annual fairs, the Nobility Fair is held here at the beginning of summer. On the occasion ladies and knights, tradesmen and serfs, theatrical traveling troupes and masters of the most varied skills revive here.

The Karlovac star
Karlovac developed in the 1570-ties, when a decision was made to build a modern fortification on the peninsula between the rivers Kupa, Dobra, Korana and Mrežnica, due to the ever increasing Turkish threats. It was named Carlstadt, in honour of its founder - archduke Charles. The hexagonal fortress with strong walls changed its shape and function through the centuries, and today it is an integral part of the town's residential and commercial centre. You will get acquainted best with the town history and with its military, commercial and traffic importance if you visit the Town Museum.

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For the adventurous we suggest a visit to the Bosiljevo castle, mentioned as early as the 13th century. In 1911 the castle was renovated and modernized by wholesale traders from Rijeka who introduced a central heating system, electrical lighting from their own power station, a drainage system and set up a luxuriant park, transforming this fortified castle into a pleasant place for living. After the Second World War it was first used as an old people's home, thereafter as a lodging and a restaurant. Although it is run-down today, you will not find it hard to imagine the past sumptuousness and grandiosity of this romantic and somewhat fabulous building.

Duga Resa
Located on the newly repositioned route of the Louisiana, this is one of the most recent settlements of the Karlovac District, established only in the 19th century around the then most modern textile factory. Get to know the unique industrial heritage – the factory's original building, the electric power plant, the house for the chief tradesmen and the house of the owner with guest house, the beautifully arranged park, the administration building, the kindergarten and the medical centre with all facilities required by the factory workers.



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