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Four Districts
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The Rijeka-Bakar District The Lokve-Delnice District
The Severin District The Karlovac District


When you pass by Brod Moravice, you enter the Severin District where, in a romantic area between the Kupa valley to the north and the Dobra valley to the south, Louisiana and Carolina come together. The view extends on the marvellous Vrbovsko valley and the way leads through the oldest Gorski kotar settlements.


Here the Louisiana paves easily its way through the hilly landscape of the easternmost parts of Gorski kotar. In Nadvučnik you will notice another Louisiana mile-stone. In the old times, in Severin you would have come across one of the five main toll-gates where the Society had constructed the building for its staff. The road passed through Severin in 1808. Be sure to stop and take a walk to the old Zrinski and Frankopani castle, mentioned as early as in 1550.

The present baroque image was imprinted by count Oršić at the beginning of the 19th century, when he renovated the castle. It is surrounded by a park and from one of the most beautiful belvederes on Louisiana a wonderful view extends on the canyon of the Kupa river.

Stop by at Vrbovsko – one of the oldest and most beautiful Gorski kotar settlements. It experienced strong development in 1732 when the Carolina road crossed it and faced a real flourishing with the construction of the Louisiana, passing above it. Already in 1900 the first and biggest Gorski kotar hotel, Croatia, was build here, while the sound of saw-mills and factories echoed in the town.

Breathe in the atmosphere of this unique Gorski kotar locality, enter the mountains walking on the mild spur of Litorić or head for Gomirje – the westernmost Orthodox monastery in Europe - through the Dobra valley.

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You can experience nature's wild romantics in the Kamačnik canyon. The river has been digging this 3 km long canyon for millenniums. The way cut into the rocks and the galleries built above the rumbling water are a unique attraction, with a restaurant at the entrance where you can get refreshment and taste the local gastronomic specialties or organize your own picnic.

If you take a step into Lukovdol you will understand why the poets adore it and gather each year at the manifestation Goranovo proljeće (Goran's spring), the traditional literary creativity festival. Visit the Memorial Museum of Ivan Goran Kovačić and enjoy in the atmosphere of this authentic Gorski kotar settlement. Release your creative capabilities and try your sculptural or ceramic skills in the atelier Plemenitaš.

a few days longer

This is an ideal place for all curious spirits that, in search of something new, avoid the well-trodden tourist paths. A tent, boat, hiking boots and mountain equipment are almost a must on this route.

The Kupa river
It is just here, in the Severin area that the shores of the longest Croatian river are most accessible. Find ideal refreshment during the summer heat and sea crowds in the bathing resorts Blaževci, Riblje and Klanac, where you can rent boats and camping equipment or try your skill in fishing.

Dobra valley
The valley of the quickest and cleanest river of the Croatian rocky ground can be followed on the way to Gomirje. The gentle shores of the Dobra river are the ideal place for a family picnic. You can take your fishing equipment along and try your skills in fishing brown and Californian trout, graylings and huchens, so abundant in these waters.

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