pustMesopust, Pust, Fašnik, Adam, Jure... and lots of other names are given to a guy made of straw, the epitome of all misfortunes and problems of the previous year in Primorje and Gorski Kotar. It is made in secret. The effigies are hanged in villages, town squares, and crossroads, nearby trees at the entrance of villages, city walls. The carnival guy is carried around, called names with satirical messages. He is watched so that he won’t be stolen, carried around on stretches, driven in a car and involved in important carnival programmes. Nowadays a shorter guy made by junior groups has joined him. Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday are “his special days”.

pustHe is guilty for everything. These are the days when he is put on trial and judged all over the Primorje and Gorski Kotar region. “Mesopust” is accused and defended, blamed and mourned.

pustThe list of his misdeeds is read aloud: he is guilty for all the village, town and world problems. He is dragged, beaten, beheaded, undressed and his clothes are is put aside for the following year. He is taken away to sea, launched by rocket, the funeral pyre is set on fire with a great funeral procession, with village and town mourners bemoaning and wailing.