The testimony of sincere piety to Mary and belief is interwoven deeply into the sacral and spiritual heritage of Gorski Kotar. In accordance with the natural surroundings, the local masters and builders applied all their knowledge and emotions in the construction of sanctuaries dedicated to Mary. Here we list them only with the basic information:

Mother of God of Sorrows, Kozji Vrh, Žalosni Vrh, Prezid
A well known destination for the people from Gorski Kotar and Slovenians (mass is held in Croatian and Slovenian). There are three main pilgrimage days - Spiritual Monday, Finkišta, the Feast of the Assumption (15 August), and in September, the Sunday following the Svetogora pilgrimage.
Info tel: 051/822 137, 821 042

Mother of God of the Snow, Lič
This small church, recently renovated (2002), is located in the vast Lika valley. The main pilgrimage
day is 5 August.
Info tel: 051/835 371, 835 163

Mother of God of Škapular, Moravička village
This is one of the oldest churches in Gorski Kotar (constructed at the beginning of the 17th century). Each year a mass is held on 16 July, followed by sports, recreation and entertainment.
Info tel. 051/817 240, 817 180

Mother of God of the Holy Rosary, Velika Lešnica
Constructed in the 18th century. Well known for three annual gatherings: the first Sunday after Easter, the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (8 September) and the first Sunday in October (Holy Rosary).
Info tel: 051/ 812 156, 811 573

Mary of Trošt
Mary of Trošt or Mother of God of Consolation.
Mass is held on the second Sunday in October, on White Sunday.
Info tel: 051/ 811 573, 812 156

Saint Anne, Mali Lug
On Saint Anne’s Day, 26 July, a liturgical and secular celebration is held in one of the oldest cultural monuments in Gorski
Kotar. The church has a characteristic octagon foundation and was recently renovated.
Info tel: 051/ 823 115

Mother of God of Lourdes, Begovo Razdolje
(15 August) Info tel: 051/833 234

The Assumption of Mary, Skradski Point, Skrad
(15 August) Info tel: 051/810 680

The Assumption of Mary, Lukovdol
(15 August) Info tel: 051/875 984

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Razloga
Info tel: 051/812 156