Our Lady’s Visitation to Saint Elizabeth, Tribalj
The Church of the Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary to Saint Elizabeth has been the Tribalj parish church since 1804. Its existence is founded on the legend of the Chapel of the Mother of God, which who only expressed their greater respect for Our Lady. Old Croatian graves have been found (9th century) in the church courtyard; while in the nearby village of Stranča, the old Croatian necropolis is significant, the “baptismal certificate of the Croats” (8th-9th centuries). The church is decorated with an altar that dates back to Tyrolean workshops. The main celebration is the Visitation (today celebrated on 2 July according to the old calendar), which the Tribalj locals call Jelisaftina (Elizabeth’s Day).
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Our Lady of the Snow, Belgrad, Vinodol
The white Church of Our Lady of the Snow (17th century) is situated under vertical cliffs, on a plateau where the expanse spreads to Vinodol and the Vinodol Channel. This church is worth visiting, especially on the feast day of the same name (5 August). The valuable items kept here - the Glagolithic tablet (7th century), the main altar locker over which the altar backdrop of the Mother of God of the Snow was placed with the use of a special mechanism, and the gravestones (one depicting the Queen of Death) are all part of the features of the Vinodol cultural heritage.
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Our Lady of Port, Bakar
The Church of the Assumption of Mary, or Holy Mary of Port (15th century), was renovated and expanded over several centuries. Its history includes important names such as the Krbava Bishop Vitus (in 1431 he blessed the main and four other altars), Croatian Ban Petar Zrinski (assisted in the renovation of the church); the church was enriched with votive paintings of ships in trouble. The wooden statue of the Mother of God of Sorrows is of particular importance. The statue stands on the main altar and is covered by a painting of the Assumption of Mary. The statue is uncovered on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (15 September). A celebration is also held on the Feast of the Assumption (15 August). In the Bakar port, there is the single nave, stone Church of the Assumption of Mary (renovated in the 18th century).
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Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Krasica and Ledenice
This is a pilgrimage site on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (16 July).
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