Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Mali Lošinj
On the spacious square is the Church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1696/1757) with a picturesque marble altar, relics of Saint Romula and a painting of the Birth of Mary (18th century). In the series of Baroque altars, one must see the sacred patrons (from the Osor, Krk and Rab Dioceses) - Saints Gaudentius, Quirinius and Christopher as well as the old patron of Mali Lošinj, Saint Martin.
A special mass is held on the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (8 September)
Info tel: 051/ 231 731, 231 547

The Annunciation of Mary, Mali Lošinj
In Čikata, along the shoreline on Annunciation point, is the location of the church (1858) of “Lošinj’s trepidation, sighs and tears”; this is a votive place for seamen and their families. It is filled with votive paintings and thanks for deliverance from danger and for safe journeys. It is a special pilgrimage sight on Annunciation (25 March), on the day before the Feast of the Assumption (15 August) and the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (8 September), as well as every Monday and Saturday in May.
Info tel: 051/ 231 731, 231 547

Our Lady of Angels, Veli Lošinj
The Captain and seamen gifts have turned this church into a gallery. The paintings of the Mother of God, Saint Nicholas and Saint Rock (16th century) stand out in particular.
Info tel: 051/ 236 132, 231 547, 236 352

Our Lady of Health, Nerezine
On the Feast of Our Lady of Health (21 November), a special celebration (procession) is held in the single nave parish church (1877) in which praise is given to the paintings of Saints Nicholas and Gaudentius.
Info tel: 051/ 237 137, 231 547

Our Lady of the Rosary, Valun
Over the harbour is the parish church (1851) which holds paintings and statues of the Virgin Mary as well as valuable carved “bilingual and bi-scriptual” inscriptions on the Valun tablet (11th century). The main celebration is the first Sunday in October, called Šarga.
Info tel: 051/ 571 255, 525 084

The Appearance of the Mother of God in the Temple, Lubenice
This triple nave parish church (renovated in the 18th century) is a pilgrimage site, particularly on the feast of Candlemas (2 February).
Info tel: 051/ 575 118, 571 535

The Mother of God of Loz, Osor Parish
One of many secluded Cres churches (5 kilometres from Osor) dedicated to Mary’s visitation to Saint Elizabeth. On that holy day (2 July) as well as every Saturday in May, believers come from all over Cres and Lošinj.
Info tel: 051/ 237 112, 237 007