Saint Francis Monastery, Cres
The history of this monastery dates back to the beginning of the 14th century. Stana from Cres left the church the altar of Saint Bartholomew in her will (1387). In the single nave and very acoustic church (15th century), valuable items include: the engraved choir benches (15th century); gravestone of the distinguished
Franciscan Anthony Marcello-Petris (16th century) from Cres; and two picturesque cloisters. In one of the cloisters are the gravestones of Cres families and in the other older cloister is a well (16th century) with the oldest known carved coat of arms of the town of Cres (14th century). Also of great value are the bronze busts of the top leaders of the Order of the Franciscan Conventionalists, four men from Cres that attained their first brotherhood experience in this monastery.
The main days of celebration are the Feasts of Saint Anthony of Padua (13 June), Saint Francis of Assisi (4 October)
and the Immaculate Conception (8 December).
Tel: 051/571 217, 571 535

Saint Francis Monastery, Nerezine
The Osor patrician Kolan Draže erected the church and monastery (16th century) to honour Saint Francis, “for the salvation of sinners”, as the “centre of faith and remembrance of Nerezine folk wisdom” where the Franciscan monks have lived and worked for over five centuries.
Next to the single nave church and cloister, a three story Renaissance bell tower with biforate windows was erected. On the main altar is valuable art in the cinquecento style, and paintings of Saint Francis with Saint Gaudentius, Saint Nicholas, Saint Claire, Saint Bonaventure. In the left chapel is a Venetian Gothic-Renaissance icon of the Mother of God with Child (15th century).
The main processions and masses are held on Antuonja, the Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua (13 July) and Frančiškova, the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi (4 October).
Info tel: 051/ 237 123, 231 547

Saint Geronimo Monastery, Martinšćica
On the western coast of Cres, in the village of Martinšćica (named after the medieval Church of Saint Martin) is the monastery of the Franciscan Tertiary (Glagolithic monks), erected with the support of the patrician family Bokin (16th century) from Cres. On the main altar of the single nave church is a painting depicting Saint Geronimo, Saint Francis and Saint Anthony of Padua (17th century, work by B. d’Anne), while the monastery collection includes valuable and interesting votive paintings of Cres seamen dressed in national costumes. The garden is also worth seeing.
Info tel: 051/574 199, 574 107, 571 535