The Church of Saint Vitus

Look at the faults through the eyes of your Savoir,
The Lord Our God, Eternal King, God and man,
He who was crucified for the love of man, hear my faults,
Grant me pardon, filled with problems and sins.
Father Nikola Hermon, Jesuit
Spiritual brotherhood, 1693

The Church dedicated to Saint Vitus, patron of the city, was erected in the 17th century in the Rijeka Old Town, on Grivica Square, at the location of a medieval church bearing the same name.

The Baroque, octagonal construction, vaulted by a cupola, was the former headquarters of the Jesuit order, and today (since 1925) is the centre for the Rijeka Archbishop; the church holds valuable items. These include: the Baroque marble altars (from 1696 to 1740), the characteristic pulpits (1731), the carved benches (1742), the entrance doors, the gravestones, painted windows, exhibition of Jesuit heritage and the most valuable medieval artistic monument in Rijeka - a wooden Crucifix.

According to tradition (1296), its miraculous powers come from blasphemous stoning of the Body of Christ, which bled at that moment. The Cathedral in Rijeka is worth visiting, as it is an “open monument book of the City of Rijeka”; you will feel at peace in front of the miraculous Crucifix.

Of particular note:
Jesuit heritage, exhibition of art and liturgical items (sculpture of the Mother of God of the Seven Sorrows, a masterpiece by Augsburg goldsmiths, the votive crown with Morettos - jewellery representing the face of the coloured warrior Moretto, liturgical attire, and an altar backdrop).


Saint Vitus Cathedral
tel. 051/ 330 879
Tourism Association of the City of Rijeka
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Feast day of Saint Vitus: 15 June (great procession)
For group visits, it is necessary to contact the Cathedral in advance
Treasury open:
From 9:00-12:00 and from 16:00-18:00 (for groups, it is necessary to contact the Cathedral in advance)

Accommodations: hotels and private accommodations

Cathedral Publications: work of author Radmila Matejčić

Rijeka Archbishopric
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Pilgrimage: all Sundays during Lent

Cathedral (treasury) open:
From 6:30 (treasury from 9:00)-12:00 and 16:30-18:30 (summer until 20:00)