The Kvarner region also has an Orthodox sacral and ceremonial history. The Orthodox structures in Rijeka and Gorski Kotor, in the Vrbošćanski area, stand out in particular.

Church of Saint Nicholas, Rijeka
The Orthodox parish Church of Saint Nicholas (18th century, architect I. Hencke) was constructed with funds of the “small but very wealthy Serbian colony, the Sarajlija, that moved to Rijeka in 1786.” Tied to the construction of the church is the story of anger and throwing stones, this time on the part of the Rijeka governor, in the direction of the sea in order to determine the location for construction of the church’s foundation. The church is located in the city centre, near the City Tower. It holds a large collection of icons (18th century) brought over from Bosnia and Vojvodina.
The main celebration is held on Feast of Saint Nicholas (19 December).
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Church of Saint George, Rijeka
In the Sušak neighbourhood, near the turnoff for the Boulevard, is the Church (1938, architect M. Korunović) dedicated to the patron Saint George.
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Gormirja Monastery
The area of Gormirja, according to records was inhabited by Vlasi from the area around Klis; on the Frankopan property is the wooden Church of Roždenija, Saint John the Pioneer with its monastery, first mentioned at the beginning of the 17th century. Krsto Frankopan erected a tower in the monastery, which was later adapted to a square bell tower (beginning of the 18th century). Next to this, the triple nave monastery church (consecrated in 1730) was constructed.
Situated on a hill next to the Ribnjak Lake, this sacral complex is impressive with its aesthetic, cultural and historical values.
The most intensive period of the monastery was recorded in the 18th century when the Gormirja icon-painting school and bookbindery operated. The magnificent iconostasis (depicting the Mother of God surrounded by the Apostles) and eight healing icons is the product of this school (led by S. Baltić).
The celebrations are held on Velika Gospojina, the Feast of the Assumption (28 August) and Ivanjdan, the Feast of Saint John (7 July).
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Church of Saint Elias, Vrbovsko and the Church of Saint Georgia, Moravice
The church celebrations are held on the Feasts of Saint Elias (2 August) and Saint Georgia (6 May).
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