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Tips for a safe vacation

Useful tips for a safe and pleasant vacation

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Visit Kvarner mobile app

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Kvarner Region News & Tips

News & tips for planning a perfect holiday on the Kvarner Region - one of the world’s top regions for travellers in 2020 by world-leading travel authority Lonely Planet...

<a href="https://vrtlac.izor.hr/ords/kakvoca/kakvoca_detalji10?p_zup_id=6&p_jezik=eng">Seawater quality on Kvarner beaches</a>

Seawater quality on Kvarner beaches

The Adriatic Sea is among the cleanest in Europe, as confirmed by the European Commission report on bathing water quality. That is why beautiful beaches, the pristine environment and clean sea are the greatest assets of the Kvarner region. Choose a beach to your taste and confirm for yourself that the seawater quality in Kvarner is of the highest standard.

Map of Kvarner

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