<a href="http://www.kvarner.hr/en/tourism/plan_a_trip/Useful_information/tips_for_tourists">COVID-19 Information</a>

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information related to tourism industry and traveling to Croatia and Kvarner Region.

<a href="https://www.safestayincroatia.hr/en">Safe stay in Croatia</a>

Safe stay in Croatia

When booking or entering a facility or tourist destination please look for the Safe stay in Croatia label to ensure that the prescribed epidemiological measures and health safety recommendations have been taken at the location.

<a href="http://www.kvarner.hr/en/tourism/discover_kvarner/Kvarner_Region_News_&_Tipps">Kvarner Region News & Tipps</a>

Kvarner Region News & Tipps

News & tipps for planning a perfect holiday on the Kvarner Region - one of the world’s top regions for travellers in 2020 by world-leading travel authority Lonely Planet...

<a href="tourism/discover_kvarner/Kvarner,_your_new_office">Kvarner, your new office</a>

Kvarner, your new office

Kvarner - go to destination to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle!

Map of Kvarner

Kvarner, Discover your story Rijeka 2020 - European capital of culture