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Kvarner Family

The brand Kvarner Family stands for verified holiday destination with well tended environment, cosily furnished interior, recognizable image, respect of tradition, loyal guests and homely atmosphere. Kvarner Family: hospitality with guaranteed quality. Make your choice!

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Pet Friendly

The labels "Pet Friendly", "Dog Friendly" and "Pets welcome" indicate services and service providers that meet the needs of pets and their owners.

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A perfect day in Kvarner

You are thinking whether to spend your holidays with your family in the green oasis of Gorski kotar or on the beautiful beaches of the Kvarner Islands and Coastal Croatia? Whatever your choice may be, do not forget that time spent with your family is the most precious of all…

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Maritime heritage

Experience and learn about the rich maritime heritage of the region at the Kvarner Festival of the sea and during festivals and regattas held at the marinas and ports in the bay. Experience the charm and thrill of sailing with a traditional vessel!

Map of Kvarner

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